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Note: Soaps in boxes are 4x larger than the sniffie bars in front.

Soap Sprite offers its earthy yet luxurious handmade soaps at wholesale prices and quantities to select qualified businesses. Unlike our retail soaps, our wholesale soaps are packaged in beautiful, sturdy custom-made boxes with cut-outs so that the soaps can be seen and sniffed without opening the boxes.

For more information, contact us and include all of the following information in your first correspondence.

  • Sales Tax License or Resale Number
  • Legal Business Name
  • State In Which Business Is Registered
  • Contact Person's Name and Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Please, be thorough in providing the above information as we do need all of it in order to process your request.  Once we verify your business registration, you will be contacted with wholesale information.  Thank you for your interest.






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This page was last updated on: March 21, 2010