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You can earn free Soap Sprite products by hosting either a "Soap Sprite Home Party" or a "Soap Sprite On Line Party." Hostess benefits include:

* Receive a Hostess Appreciation Gift for hosting the party.

* And receive $10 credit for free products for every $100 of Party Total.

* And receive $25 credit for free products if your Party Total is over $600.

* And receive $10 credit for free products for each Party booking that results in a Party Total of over $300.

Home Parties can be held in and around State College and Bellefonte areas, Pennsylvania, (Centre County). . . or in and around Connellsville and Uniontown areas, Pennsylvania (Fayette County). You provide the meeting location, guests and snacks (if desired) and Soap Sprite will introduce your guests to Soap Sprite's products. We will briefly discuss our products and ingredients and answer basic soapmaking questions if desired. Guests may purchase products on the spot and you earn free products based on their purchases.

On Line Parties can be hosted from anywhere in the United States. For On Line Parties, we create a Party Invitation for you to email to your party guests throughout the United States. Your guests place orders on our website while telling us you are their Party Hostess. We ship the orders directly to your guests and you earn free products based on their orders.

For full details, contact us today.






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This page was last updated on: March 21, 2010