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Thank you for your support.
It has been a privilege to provide you with my natural handmade soaps and balms for the past 16 years.


In addition to purchasing from our website, we invite you to visit our booth at two local Farmers' Markets in central Pennsylvania during Spring, Summer and Fall:

Boalsburg Farmers' Market <--Click to go to web site.
* 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. on Tuesdays.
* May - October (Summer Season) - outdoors in the Pennsylvania Military Museum's parking lot located along Route 45 in Boalsburg, PA.
* November - May (Winter Season) - indoors at St. John's United Church of Christ located at 218 N. Church Street in Boalsburg, PA. (NOTE: Soap Sprite will not be at the Winter Season market on a regular basis.)
NOTE: Soap Sprite will be participating in this market until the end of October 2019. Please, come make your final purchases before we go out of business.

Downtown State College Farmers' Market <--Click to go to web site.
* 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. on Fridays.
* June - mid-November (excluding Arts Festival week in July) - outdoors on Locust Street located in downtown State College, PA.
* Late-November - May - Market is closed.
NOTE: Soap Sprite will no longer be participating in this market but please support all of the other wonderful local vendors there!



What is your policy regarding privacy? - We value a person's right to privacy and despise junk and spam mail. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide your contact or other personal information to anyone else.

How will my order be shipped? - Orders will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service's Priority Mail. We ship only within the contiguous United States.

What does Soap Sprite charge for shipping & handling (S/H)? – We charge a flat rate of $8.00 S/H per retail package. This allows you to order as much as you want and no matter where you live in the contiguous United States, S/H is still only $8.00.

Can I pick up my order? - OR - Will you deliver my order to me? – Unfortunately, no to both. Local zoning ordinances do not allow us to sell directly from our workshop. Also, we are not equipped to make special deliveries as it takes away time from our production and other business activities. However, during the Summer, if you live locally (State College, PA, or Boalsburg, PA, Centre County), we may be able to make arrangements for you to pick up your order at our weekly farmers' markets.  If this is an option that you want to explore to save on shipping costs, please, contact us to make arrangements.

Are you Secret Pal Friendly? - Yes, Soap Sprite is Secret Pal Friendly. The order, along with a custom note card, will be mailed directly to your Secret Pal while the receipt will be mailed directly to you. Your identity will not be shared with your Secret Pal other than the information that you provide for us to include on the note card.

To place an order for a Secret Pal, in the comment section (1) tell us that your order is for a Secret Pal and (2) tell us word for word what you would like us to say on the note card including how it should be signed (i.e. From Your Secret Pal). Also, (3) enter YOUR contact information in the "Billing Details" section and (4) enter your SECRET PAL'S information in the "Shipping Address" section. It is that simple.

Does Soap Sprite collect sales tax? – The PA Department of Revenue does require that Soap Sprite collect 6% sales tax for all purchases made in Pennsylvania. However, PA sales tax is not required on purchases made from addresses outside of Pennsylvania.

What is Soap Sprite's return/exchange policy? – Due to the nature of soap and personal body care products, returns and/or exchanges are not accepted.

Do you have a retail store?No, Soap Sprite does not have a store front and we have no plans to start one. We sell our products via our website, farmers' markets and craft shows.

Do you have a printed catalog?In an effort to prevent landfill waste, Soap Sprite does not have a printed catalog.  Our website is the catalog. It is updated often as indicated by the "updated dates" at the bottom of each page.

Do you sell Wholesale? - Yes, we offer our soaps at wholesale quantities and prices to selected and qualified businesses. You must be a licensed business, have a resale license and agree to Soap Sprite's wholesale terms and conditions. Contact us for more information.

Do you accept custom orders? – Depending on your needs, we may be able to accommodate custom orders for soap. Custom orders are sold only in groups of 30 soap bars of the same soap variety per order. Feel free to contact Soap Sprite to discuss your needs and how we can fulfill them. We need at least a 5 week notice for custom orders plus 50% non-refundable payment up front.

Do you make the natural handmade soap and body care products that you sell? – Yes, we sure do.  Soap Sprite is proud to offer products that are formulated and made ourselves.  We have put significant research and development into each and every product before offering it to the public.

Do you use synthetic fragrances? – Absolutely not. Darlene O'Neal, creator and owner of Soap Sprite, is terribly allergic to synthetic fragrances and avoids them completely.  The whole reason that she learned to make her own body care products was to avoid synthetic ingredients, especially synthetic fragrances.  As a result, all scents in Soap Sprite's products are from natural sources (pure plant essential oils), not synthetics.

Do you use synthetic colorants in your natural handmade soaps? – No way.  Although some of Soap Sprite's soap colors are quite vibrant, they are not from synthetic colorants.  We obtain all of our soap colors by using various natural clays, botanicals and activated charcoal.  We never use micas, oxides or mineral pigments because they are synthetic, not natural as some people incorrectly claim. We are dedicated to using truly natural ingredients, right down to our colorants.

What is the life-span & best way to care for your products? – Soap Sprite’s handmade soap and body care products are manufactured from natural ingredients and can be good for a year or more but are best used within 6 months of purchase.  When not in use, the best way to store all of our products is in a cool place away from humidity and direct or strong sunlight.  Several products are designed to melt with your body’s heat and, therefore, are especially sensitive to heat.

How long will your soap last when in use? – There is no clear-cut answer to this question because of the variables involved.  Whether you use the soap directly on your body, with a washcloth, with a net pouf, etc. impacts how long the soap lasts.  How much and how hard you scrub the bar also impacts its life-span.  How often you use the soap and how well you let it dry between uses is also an important variable.  To increase the soap’s life-span, use a soap dish that allows water to drain away from the soap and allow the soap to dry completely between uses.  With proper care, Soap Sprite's natural handmade soaps will provide you with many luxurious showers and baths.

Are your natural handmade soaps for the face, hands or body? – We designed our soap formula (recipe) for use on all parts of the body – face, hands and body with the following exceptions: We do not recommend soaps containing hard scrubbies (pumice, coffee, cornmeal, etc.) for the face. Some people may find spicy (clove, cinnamon) or minty (peppermint, spearmint) essential oils irritating to the face, while other people may not. Personally, we do not find them irritating but if you have super-sensitive facial skin, use your own discretion.

Are Soap Sprite's soaps made with lye? – All soaps are made with lye.  This is true of "commercial," “melt & pour,” glycerin” and “liquid” soaps as well.  Anyone that tells you differently is either uninformed or telling you what you want to hear.  The key thing to understand is that even though lye is used as an ingredient, no lye is present in a properly made finished soap.  Lye is a necessary ingredient, along with oils/fats and water/liquid, to make any soap.  Lye is used as part of a chemical reaction that changes the ingredients into soap - a process called "saponification."  Without lye you simply can not have soap.  Since Soap Sprite uses the traditional cold-processed method to make solid soap (not liquid soap), we use a lye known as sodium hydroxide.  A different type of lye (potassium hydroxide) is used to make liquid soaps.  We formulate all of our soaps so that no lye is left in the finished soap.  Actually, we formulate our recipes so that all of the lye is chemically changed into soap plus a small amount of oils are left untransformed.  By doing this, we can guarantee that no lye is left in the final product.  This is not granny's skin-eating soap!  This is incredibly luxurious, bubbly, good-for-your-skin soap!

Are Soap Sprite's soaps "glycerin soaps"? – That depends on what you mean by "glycerin soaps."  Yes, Soap Sprite's soaps contain all of the natural glycerin that is created during the soap-making process.  No, our soaps are not pre-manufactured soaps that are re-melted and inaccurately called "glycerin soaps."  Some folks think that "glycerin soaps" are pure glycerin.  This is not true.  (Glycerin is actually a thick liquid.) What is commonly referred to as "glycerin soap" (also known as "melt & pour soap") is really a detergent.  It contains synthetic ingredients that are added to make it re-melt the way that it does and synthetic detergents that are added to give it additional lather.  Some "glycerin soaps" even contain alcohols which dry the skin.  "Glycerin soap" is NOT true soap.  Soap Sprite's natural handmade soap IS true soap and does contain REAL, natural glycerin.

Why should I use natural handmade soap instead of commercial soap? – Do you have all day for us to answer this question?  No?  O.K.  Then we will just point out the top reasons.

(1.)  Commercial "soaps" are not true soaps.  Most of them have had synthetic ingredients added that make it so they can not legally be called true soaps.  Legally and chemically, they are considered detergents.  Don't believe it?  The next time you are in the store, read the labels.  You will see labels such as "beauty bar", "deodorant bar" and "bath bar" but you will not see "soap" on the majority of commercial soaps. Soap Sprite's natural handmade soaps, on the other hand, do not contain these harsh ingredients and are true soaps.

(2.)  When oils/fats, lye and water are combined to make soap, natural glycerin is also created in the process.  Natural glycerin is wonderful for your skin.  But instead of leaving it in the soap for your benefit, commercial soap manufacturers often remove all or most of the glycerin then sell it to others for use in other products such as moisturizers.  Some commercial soap manufacturers even remove the glycerin then add part of it back in and call it "glycerin added" soap.  If they did not remove it in the first place they would not have to add it back in.  Geesh!  On the other hand, Soap Sprite's handmade soap retains all of the wonderful, skin-loving glycerin.  Glycerin attracts water to your skin & moisturizes your skin.  The naturally occurring glycerin in handmade soap makes a noticeable difference in how well your skin reacts to the soap.

(3.)  Commercial soaps often contain different synthetic chemicals to serve different purposes such as making the soap harder faster (instead of waiting for a normal cure like we do for handmade soap), reducing soap scum, adding lather, acting as a cheap filler, adding synthetic scents and adding synthetic colors, to name a few.  Often these chemicals dry the skin, too. Soap Sprite's handmade soaps do not contain these unnecessary ingredients.  We offer only high-quality soap that is made with Mother Nature and your skin's health in mind.

(4.)  Commercial soaps are made using some of the cheapest ingredients possible, even petroleum by-products.  These cheap ingredients simply do not have the same benefits as other ingredients.  Many commercial soap manufacturers seem to be focused mainly on profit. Soap Sprite's handmade soaps are created with a focus on quality natural ingredients and beneficial properties of the ingredients.  We choose to use ingredients that are more expensive than what commercial soap manufacturers use - not so we can charge more - but because we are more interested in making soap that not only cleans your skin but is also good to your skin.  We sincerely believe that our more expensive ingredients are worth every penny considering the beneficial qualities that they bring to our finished soap and to your skin.

I have a question that is not addressed here. - If you have any other questions, need more clarification or want to make comments, feel free to contact Soap Sprite. We not only welcome but also encourage your questions and comments.


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