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Thank you for your support.
It has been a privilege to provide you with my natural handmade soaps and balms for the past 16 years.


Feel free to contact Soap Sprite. Your questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged.

  • Contact Person : Darlene O'Neal, creator and owner of Soap Sprite.
  • Phone: (814) 548-7927 between 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Email: info@soapsprite.com
  • Address: Soap Sprite, 200 Oasis Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA



Thank you for your interest in Soap Sprite.


Soap Sprite, which is owned and operated by Darlene O'Neal, is a home-based business in beautiful central Pennsylvania (Centre County) that began as a hobby out of necessity.

All of her life, Darlene had been troubled with rashes caused by allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances and other unnatural ingredients that are in commercial products. After many years of suffering from her painful, itchy rashes, and not finding relief from commercial products, she set out to do something about it. Her goal was to create products from natural ingredients that would help her to overcome her constant rashes.

In 1999, Darlene began devoting a great deal of time, money and effort to learning about natural ingredients and how to combine them to create safe and healthy finished products. After a lot of effort and money, she developed products that her skin not only loved but allowed her rashes to completely disappear. Her skin never felt better. She continued making and using her own products and occasionally shared them with friends and family who also loved them.

In 2004, she realized that there may be other people that have similar allergies or skin conditions but did not have the time, money or desire to learn how to develop their own skin care products as she knew first-hand how difficult it was to do. So, in order to make her products available to others, she turned her hobby into a business that she named "Soap Sprite". . . "Soap" for her main product type and "Sprite" for mythical, fairy-like creatures that live in woodlands and protect the plants and animals.

Since then, Darlene has received a great deal of positive feedback about Soap Sprite's products not only from people with various allergies and skin conditions but also from people that just appreciate high-quality natural products. Of course, vegetarians and vegans are always thrilled to find her products, too, as are people with no allergies, skin conditions or desire for natural products. It appears that Soap Sprite products appeal to just about everyone!


In 2013, Darlene moved Soap Sprite to beautiful and completely wooded property that is nestled in the hills and valleys just outside of historical Bellefonte, PA. She creates her soaps and balms in her own natural oasis, surrounded by wildlife, trees, wildflowers, native plants and natural springs.

What better place for Soap Sprite to make natural handmade soap and body care products than in the woods and surrounded by nature? She truly is a Soap Sprite - making natural handmade soap and balms while caring for the plants and animals that share their land and their beauty with her!

It is your continued loyal support that allows her to continue doing what she loves! Thank you!


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