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At Soap Sprite, we celebrate the bounty of plants and minerals that Mother Nature provides. We use the very best natural ingredients to create irresistible handmade soap and body care products that are kind to your skin and to Mother Nature.

Our naturally scented (from real plant essential oils) and naturally colored (from botanicals and natural clays) products are perfect for anyone that:

*has sensitive or allergy-prone skin,
*prefers natural alternatives to commercial products,
*deserves the best that nature has to offer.

Soap Sprite's products do not contain synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, petroleum by-products, detergents or the potentially harsh chemicals that commercial products contain, therefore, our products are less likely to cause problems for sensitive or troubled skin. You will feel the difference between our natural products and synthetic-laden commercial products.

Most of Soap Sprite's handmade soaps contain no ingredients of animal-origin and are therefore completely vegan. Due to popular request, some of our soaps do contain goat milk and are vegetarian. Our lip balms and foot rubs are vegetarian because of the beeswax and lanolin.

Our natural handmade soap and body care products make wonderful and appreciated gifts. . . plus we are Secret Pal friendly. See our How To Order page to learn how to place an order for us to mail to your Secret (or not so secret) Pal on your behalf.

Sit back, relax and enjoy browsing our website. Don't forget to bookmark this site. Also check back often for Announcements.

Let Soap Sprite help you to create a natural oasis in your very own home. You DO deserve the best! Treat yourself and place your order today!






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This page was last updated on: January 10, 2011